17 August 2015

The ACT essay is changing

Although the ACT announced the changes to the essay last spring, I keep encountering people (including tutors) who aren’t aware of the shift. If the College Board has gone all out promoting the changes to the SAT, the ACT has been a lot more reticent about publicizing the upcoming changes. If you’re (re)taking the ACT with writing this fall, however, this is something you need to be aware of.

The ACT has always been upfront about the fact that it is necessary to include a counterargument to obtain a top score, but now that requirement is being pushed further. Instead of considering two perspectives, test-takers will now be asked to engage with three perspectives.

Click here for information about the new prompt, and here for sample essays at each score level.

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  1. Holly Bull

    Hi. Just pointing out that I believe you mean to say “If the College Board has gone all out promoting the changes to the SAT …” (you say “ACT” in that sentence above).

    I love your website and blog. Thanks for posting such useful and thought-provoking information.

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