Preview copies of the GRE Vocabulary Workbook are now available!

My next foray into the realm of graduate test-prep is nearing completion!

If you or someone you know is studying for the GRE and wants lots (and lots and lots) of vocabulary practice, beta-version copies of my GRE Vocabulary Workbook are now available. 

But, you say, there are many GRE vocabulary books on the market — what’s the big deal about this one? 

Well, for starters, it’s a vocabulary workbook, emphasis on the work part.

The book does offer plenty of vocabulary, including a list of top words by category and one of common second meanings. 

It also, however, contains over 300 GRE-style text completions and sentence equivalences that let you test out how well you can apply all that vocab you’ve learned. 

In addition, ETS is still writing the GRE (unlike the SAT), and this book focuses on the words that ETS has traditionally favored. Pedestrian, bucolic, sycophantic, capricious, laconic… They’re all there. 

Plus, of course, lots of strategies for working through those tricky three-blank text completions and sentence equivalences. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy ($16.95), please email with your information and address. 

Click here for a preview.