• Attention GMAT students: beginning July 11th, test-takers will be able to choose the order in which in which the sections appear on their exam. In addition, the 2018 Edition of The Official GMAT Guides (main guide + verbal and quantitative guides) have been released. Note that only a small number of questions (about 15%) have been changed from the 2017 versions. I will be updating  the question lists The Complete GMAT Sentence Correction Guide to reflect the new material as soon as possible. In the meantime, I have added a preview of the current edition (introduction, idioms chapter, and sample questions + explanations).



  • The 4th edition of The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar and the 3rd edition of The Critical Reader will be available during the summer of 2017. Release dates have not yet been finalized but should be sometime in early-mid July. The new books will include updated indices covering of all the questions in Tests 5-8 of the 2018 edition of the Official College Board Guide (categorized by both category and test).


  • GRE Vocabulary in Practice will be released during the summer of 2017. The exact release date is TBD but will most likely be in late July or early August. The book covers numerous strategies for working through Text Completions and Sentence Equivalences, and includes over 350 practice questions. Pre-publication copies ($19.95) can be purchased directly through CreateSpace.


Call for sample essays


  • I am seeking students interested in submitting sample essays for inclusion in my forthcoming AP English Language and Composition Edition of The Critical Reader. I am particularly interested in rhetorical analysis and synthesis essays. Copies of the beta version, which covers the multiple-choice reading, can be purchased directly from CreateSpace. Please note: this is the only AP Comp guide that is specifically designed to reflect the contents of the current exam. As of June 2017, all of the major commercial test-prep books still contain question types that were eliminated from the test in 2014.