Quizzes: Pronouns 2

For the following questions, select the pronoun that agrees with the noun that it refers to, and determine whether an apostrophe is required.

1) During the twelfth century, Byzantine mosaics grew more realistic because of ----- increased emphasis on the depction of three-dimensional forms and figures.
2) Recent findings about the origins of the Japanese language suggests that ----- developed on the Korean Peninsula rather than on the Japanese Islands themselves.
3) As the son of an electrical worker, Einstein learned about physics not only by reading about it but also by observing the technology ----- applications could produce.
4) The banana is native to tropical South and Southeast Asia and is likely to have been first domesticated in Papua New Guinea, but today ----- cultivated throughout the tropics.
5) Paying close attention to both the organization and presentation of ----- lectures can help a professor increase the amount of information that students absorb.
6) Some albino animals have difficulty thriving in the wild because -----skin is insufficiently dark to absorb sunlight during harsh winters.
7) Despite setbacks and territorial losses, the Roman Empire remained one of the most powerful economic, cultural, and military forces in Europe until ----- collapse in the fifth century A.D.
8) The snakehead fish, a rapidly reproducing predator, has so voracious an appetite that it can wipe out entire schools of fish and destroy entire ecosystems when placed outside ----- native habitat.
9) The terraced hills of the Indonesian countryside are devoted to rice production and change ----- colors depending on the stage of the growing plants.
10) Because Mayan soil was deficient in iron, the Mayans suffered from high rates of anemia that may have contributed to the collapse of ----- civilization.