Update, 9/27/20: Because it is unclear when correctly printed copies of the Official GMAT Verbal Review 2021 will be available, I’ve decided to go ahead and release the book without Official Guide page numbers in the end-of-chapter indexes (the 2021 questions themselves are still listed). While this may pose a minor inconvenience, it seems vastly preferable to waiting indefinitely to release the 2021 updates. The book should be available on Amazon this coming week. 

Several weeks ago, I went to begin updating the Official Guide question indexes in The Complete GMAT Sentence Correction Guide and discovered a serious printing error in the 2021 edition of The Official GMAT Verbal Review: around 50 pages (pp. 329-376) were omitted from the book, or virtually the entire Sentence Correction portion. Most of the question are still reprinted in the explanation section, but still… some pages are also duplicated, and significant portion of the book is difficult to navigate. Someone clearly dropped the ball very hard on this one.

While I’ve managed to get most of the information necessary for the updates from a combination of the explanation section and the Amazon “preview” function (which includes a correctly paginated version of the book), there is still some information I cannot add without a correctly printed physical copy of the guide.

If you have purchased a copy of this book, PLEASE check to make sure that all the pages are included and in the proper order. At the Barnes & Noble locations I checked in New York City, all the books contained the error. At this point, it’s unclear how widespread the problem is; it could have affected only a portion of the print run, or the whole thing.

I notified the GMAC (apparently I’m the first person to notice this?), which is alerting Wiley (publisher), and hopefully the books will be reprinted correctly. In the meantime, if anyone happens to have a book that does not contain the error, please do let me know! I’d like to get the 2021 updates out as soon as possible.