The Ultimate Guide to SAT® Grammar, 3rd Edition


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Updated to reflect the content of the redesigned SAT, The Ultimate Guide to SAT® Grammar, 3rd Edition, is a comprehensive guide to all of the major grammar and rhetoric concepts tested on the multiple choice Writing portion of exam. In addition, this book is designed to help students study as efficiently as possible by targeting the specific areas on which they need to focus most heavily.

Read a preview of the third (current) edition.

Read a preview of the fourth edition. (Pre-publication copies now available through CreateSpace).


  • Step-by-step explanations designed to familiarize you with errors in all of their forms, from the most straightforward to the most complex
  • Strategies for simplifying complex questions, and for quickly identifying the information most relevant to determining correct answers.
  • Dozens of test-style exercises designed to reinforce each concept and help you apply your skills to the test.
  • An index of Writing questions from the exams in the College Board Official Guide, 3rd Edition (2015)/Khan Academy, grouped both by error type and by test.

Ideal for high school students who need to strengthen fundamental skills as well as those who need to focus only on the most challenging concepts covered on the new test.

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