Somehow in all the excitement over getting my and Larry Krieger’s new SAT vocabulary book up on Amazon, I neglected to mention that the beta version of my AP English Comp guide was ready as well!

The book is $14.95, and it can be ordered directly via CreateSpace.

A few additional things:

Because the AP Comp test is so similar to the old Critical Reading section of the SAT, the book is essentially a slimmed-down version of the original The Critical Reader (there are a number of concepts test on the old SAT that the AP Comp test either does not cover or downplays very significantly, e.g. inferences).

That said, I did not simply go through the existing book and plug in “AP exam” in place of “SAT.” The new book is based on a close analysis of recent College Board exams, and is intended to reflect the content of the current version of the test.

In addition, though I’ve been thinking about doing an AP Comp book for a while, I only discovered it might be feasible to produce something this year after Larry and I had finished work on SAT Vocabulary: A New Approach — and I really only made the decision to go ahead a few weeks ago, when I took a look through the existing material and discovered that pretty much all of was based on an outdated conception of the test.

As a result, I ended up working under exceedingly tight time constraints, and I unfortunately could not include anything about the essays. I will of course be covering them in the published version of the book, which I’ll aim to have available by early 2018, and so I am still seeking essay submissions from students interested in having theirs included. (So if anyone is looking for an objective source of essay feedback before this year’s exam, this is your chance to get some!)

In the meantime, happy studying everyone.