The following quiz contains challenging vocabulary words from administered digital SATs. Match each word in the left-hand column with the correct definition from the right-hand column. 

You can also download this quiz as a PDF.



1. Induce

2. Eclipse

3. Stipulate

4. Monetize

5. Elicit

A. overtake; outdo

B. set out terms or conditions for an agreement

C. bring forth, draw out (e.g., a response)

D. persuade or bring about

E. make profitable


1. Tranquil

2. Amorphous

3. Idiosyncratic

4. Austere

5. Superfluous

A. very plain, without decoration or luxuries

B. very calm and peaceful

C. excessive; more than what is necessary

D. extremely quirky and distinctive

E. without shape or form


1. Catalyst 

2. Juxtaposition

3. Coarseness

4. Conjecture

5. Skeptic

A. hypothesis

B. roughness, lack of refinement

C. close placement of opposing elements

D. doubter

E. something that speeds up a reaction or causes an event

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