Your son or daughter is trying to achieve a high score on a college- or graduate- school admissions test. You want to help, but you aren’t sure where to turn for good advice – and everyone you talk to says something different. That, in a nutshell, is why I launched the Critical Reader. After years of watching parents throw good money at unhelpful test prep, I wanted to document everything I had observed during my years of helping students across the United States and abroad gain admission to their first-choice schools.

Whether your son or daughter is aiming for a dream school or striving for a scholarship that will make college affordable, my books are an invaluable set of tools. They offer comprehensive, step-by-step preparation, covering everything from fundamental concepts to the most challenging questions. They can be used independently by highly motivated students, or they can supplement work done in a class or with a tutor.

Regardless of which path you choose, my approach is designed to instill a sense of control over the test-prep process, reducing stress and helping students feel fully prepared when they sit down to take the exam for real.

My son went from 27 reading to 34 reading on the last test. He got a 35 composite and I can’t be happier. His weakness was always reading. The only book he relied on was Erica’s ACT reading book.

~ J.J., Parent

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