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Eight full-length practice College Board tests (same as in the Official Guide)


2017-2018 Official Practice Booklet 

2014-15 Practice Booklet (Form 67C)

2009-2010 Practice Booklet (Form 64E)

2007-2008 Practice Booklet (Form 61C)

2005-2006 Practice Booklet (Form 59F)

SAT/ACT Reading Resources

Reading Resources Page


The Chronicle of Higher Education

CollegeApps at

College Confidential

College Essay Organizer

Colleges that Change Lives

The Gatekeepers

Inside Higher Ed

MIT Admissions Blog

Tufts Admissions Blog


US News and World Report

Understanding How Financial Aid Works 

The Real Deal on Financial Aid 

How Colleges Determine Merit Scholarships 

Need-Based Aid vs. Merit Aid

The College Solution

Financial Aid 101

An Overview of Financial Aid 

College Affordability Guide 

How to Pay For College 

College Confidential Financial Aid Forum

Tuition is a Useless Concept (why a high sticker price should not deter needy students)

Determining Cost and Applying for Aid  


College Net Price Calculator – Estimate how much you will pay after scholarships and grants are factored in

Scholarship Lists 

Wendy Nelson’s Full Scholarship List, downloadable in Excel from It includes over 1200 major merit scholarships, many of which are full-tuition. Includes eligibility criteria. Well worth the $7.99 price tag.

Best major universities for National Merit, pt. 1  – List of selective universities (public and private) with the best National Merit funding

Best major universities for National Merit, pt. 2 – List of 120 public and private universities offering full tuition scholarships; also includes full-tuition scholarships not tied to National Merit

Top universities offering merit scholarships – List of 79 selective colleges offering substantial merit aid, including full scholarships

Public and Private Grants

Gates Millennium Scholarship – For outstanding students of color; limited to Pell-Grant recipients

National Merit Scholarship Corporation – Eligibility based on PSAT scores. Maximum of $2500 plus possibility of additional institutional and corporate-sponsored grants.

Pell Grant – Federal program for low-income students; eligibility based on FAFSA; maximum grant of $5,775

QuestBridge – Organization matching high-achieving low income students with selective colleges

Financial Aid for International Students

10 colleges that give the largest financial aid packages to international students (note that only a small fraction of international students attending these institutions may receive aid)

65 colleges that give aid to international students 

Merit scholarships open to international students – List of 121 merit scholarships for which international students can apply