Companies and Schools

Bulk Orders


If your organization is interested purchasing 25 copies or more, special rates are available. If you contact us, we’ll be happy to send you more information. (Because our prices are already steeply discounted from the list prices, we do not offer additional discounts on smaller orders.) Bulk orders are shipped directly from the printer and may take up to several weeks to arrive, so we ask that you plan accordingly.

Please note: as a result of recent changes to Amazon’s “buy box” policy, we unfortunately cannot make all Critical Reader titles available through wholesalers that supply to Amazon third-party booksellers. A limited number of publications that to date have not been affected by the policy are currently available through IngramSpark.

We are, however, able to work with wholesalers that can ensure our titles will not be distributed to sellers active on Amazon. We offer industry-standard discounts to schools, libraries, and bookstores. In addition, we accept bookstore returns.

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Licensing and International Distribution


We welcome inquiries from foreign companies interested in acting as distributors for Critical Reader books outside the United States. Please send us a description of your company along with a brief (1-3 page) proposal including market size, geographical area covered, and marketing plans.


Reprints and Permission


We do not object to the use of short excerpts from books in the context of a class; however, if you wish to distribute longer sections, please contact us to obtain a license (25 cents/page, maximum of 10% of a given title or 50 pages across multiple titles). Under no circumstances may complete books be scanned, photocopied, or distributed electronically, for profit or otherwise.

If you are a tutor or teacher who is unable to purchase books on behalf of students, please have your students to purchase from us directly. If you are affiliated with a program that serves underprivileged students and have limited funds available, please contact us; we consider such situations on a case-by-case basis, and we will try to find a way to work within your budgetary constraints.

Please note also that questions included in published books are not currently available for sub-licensing, nor do we create material for external companies’ exclusive use. Critical Reader materials are not white label products and may not be co-branded.

In addition, all of our print and electronic materials are subject to regular copyright restrictions: individuals and companies may not create or distribute programs in any form, print or electronic, based on Critical Reader publications. If you share material from a blog post or web page, we ask that you provide an attribution/link to the original source.




If your organization would like to hire Erica to speak or hold a workshop, please send us a brief description of your school or company, and your specific area of interest.