When will my books be delivered?

Orders with within the continental United States and Canada are typically delivered in 7-10 business days. Books are sent via Fedex from our storage facility in Indiana; orders normally ship within 48 hours, and we will provide tracking information so that you can check the status of your order directly.

International orders are shipped directly  from the publisher via DHL. Click here for information regarding shipping times. We ship to all countries except South Korea, as per an agreement with our Korean distributor, JMK Education. (To purchase Critical Reader books from South Korea, please contact JMK directly.)

Please note that for international orders (with the exception of Canada), tracking information is provided with Priority shipping only. In addition, the Critical Reader cannot be held responsible for delays involving customs. To ensure sufficient study time, please allow up to 30 days for your books to arrive if you are ordering from Asia, the Middle East, or Australia.

How much is shipping for books?

Standard shipping costs within the United States begin at $7.50 for a single item and increase by 75 cents with each additional item. For international orders, please click here. Note that only Priority and Expedited options are available.

When will I receive my tracking information?

Tracking information is issued when books ship, typically within 2-3 days, although it may take slightly longer during periods of heavy order volume (usually June-August and December).

I’d like to order books in bulk — do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts on orders of 25 copies or more. Please email thecriticalreader1@gmail.com for rates.

I live really far away. Can you send me PDFs of Critical Reader books?

We are exploring the possibility of creating electronic versions of Critical Reader guides; however, we are currently in the preliminary stages of doing so and do not yet know when such versions, if created, might be available. At this time, we unfortunately cannot distribute books electronically for copyright reasons. Please be aware that we take copyright violations very seriously; anyone who is discovered to have distributed our books illicitly over the Internet may face serious legal and financial consequences. If you are offered an electronic version of one of our books, we ask that you contact us so that we can have the illegal content removed as quickly as possible.

I think I found a typo in one your books. What should I do?

Please check the Errata page to see whether it is covered. If you do not see it listed, please email us with the page, the question number, and a brief description of the problem. Make sure to include the edition number of the book. If there is an error, we will do our best to address it as quickly as possible.

Can I use the SAT books to study for the ACT, or vice-versa?

You can use The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar to study for ACT English, but you should also purchase the ACT Supplement. Likewise, The Complete Guide to ACT English can be used to study the grammar and rhetoric topics tested on the SAT Writing and Language Test; however, this book does not include cover graph/chart questions. No SAT supplement is currently available.

There is far less overlap in the Reading sections, and we very strongly recommend that you purchase the appropriate book for either the SAT or the ACT.

What is the difference between the SAT grammar book and the SAT grammar workbook?

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar includes extensive explanations as well as practice questions. The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar Workbook consists of six full-length Writing and Language practice tests accompanied by explanations designed to reinforce the content and strategies presented in the grammar book.

How do the 2nd/3rd editions of the SAT Reading book and the 3rd/4th of the grammar book differ?

The new editions of The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 4th Edition, and The Critical Reader, 3rd Edition, contain updates designed to bring them more tightly in line with the released administered exams in The Official College Board SAT Guide, 2018 Edition.

In addition, both books contain updated indexes of Official Guide questions, covering all eight exams in the 2018 Edition.


Updates to the SAT grammar book include:

  • A new sample passage, more reflective of redesigned SAT content, in the chapter on adding, deleting and revising.
  • Additional material covering “stacked” bar graphs in the Infographics chapter.
  • A more detailed discussion of colons vs. semicolons. 
  • Revisions to the exercises covering transitional words and phrases.
  • Elimination of material not tested on the redesigned exam.
  • A new chapter on question marks and indirect speech.


Updates to the SAT Reading book include:

  • New passages that more accurately reflect the content and style of the readings used on the redesigned SAT.
  • A substantially revised chapter on paired passages, including new sample passages that reflect the emphasis on historical documents.
  • Additional explanations and questions covering Supporting Evidence, Vocabulary in Context, Inference/Extended Reasoning, and Graphics/Data Analysis.


I already have the 2nd ed. of the SAT reading book or the 3rd ed. of the grammar book. Do I need newer editions?

If you have already purchased editions of the grammar and reading books that are aligned with the redesigned SAT, it is not necessary that you purchase the updated editions (3rd edition reading, 4th edition grammar). Although the new editions cover some of the particulars of rSAT in a more detailed way, the 2nd edition (reading) and 3rd edition (grammar) still offer comprehensive preparation for the current version of the SAT.

Is there a fourth edition of the SAT Reading book or a third edition of the ACT Reading book?

No. The SAT and ACT grammar books were published before the respective reading books and have undergone more revisions. As a result, the grammar books have higher edition numbers. The third edition is most recent edition of the SAT reading book, and the second edition is the most recent edition of the ACT Reading book. No new updates are planned for the immediate future.

Will Erica be writing an AP English Literature or an SAT II Literature book?

It’s under consideration, but if it happens, it won’t be for at least another year, possibly longer. In the meantime, we recommend using the multiple-choice sections of released AP Literature exams for practice. Please note that the multiple-choice portions of the Literature SAT II and AP Literature Test cover the same material.

2012 Exam

2008 Exam

1987 Exam


Can I/my child work with Erica?

Because of the demands of writing and publishing, Erica is no longer available for tutoring.

We recommend the following tutors and companies, which use various Critical Reader materials and methods.

3RPrep, Ambridge, PA (online tutoring available)

The Fluency Factory, Cohasset, MA (online tutoring available)

Kay Tutoring, Minnetonka, MN

PrepWright, Charlotte, NC

Stellar Scores, Seattle, WA (online tutoring available)

Veridian Prep, Greenwich, CT (online tutoring available)

Vince Kotchian Test Prep, San Diego, CA (online tutoring available)

Can I write a guest post for your blog or advertise with you?

Although we may occasionally post an article by a tutor or teacher with whom we have an established relationship, we do not accept unsolicited guest posts, advertisements, or requests to post links.

I'm interested in self-publishing a test-prep book? Can Erica advise me?

Erica does sometimes work with aspiring authors; decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that full consulting rates apply. We strongly suggest you read this article before requesting a session.

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