Reprints and Permissions

Reprints and Licensing


We do not object to the use of short excerpts from books in the context of a class; however, if you wish to distribute longer sections, please contact us to obtain a license (25 cents/page, maximum of 10% of a given title or 50 pages across multiple titles). Under no circumstances may complete books be scanned, photocopied, or distributed electronically, for profit or otherwise. 

If you are a tutor or teacher who is unable to purchase books on behalf of students, please have your students to purchase from us directly. In the case that you are affiliated with a program that serves underprivileged students and has limited funds, please contact us; we consider such situations on a case-by-case basis, and we will try to find a way to work within your budgetary constraints.

Please note also that questions included in published books are not currently available for sub-licensing, nor do we create material for external companies’ exclusive use. Critical Reader materials are not white label products and may not be co-branded.

In addition, all of our print and electronic materials are subject to regular copyright restrictions: individuals and companies may not create or distribute programs in any form, print or electronic, based on Critical Reader publications. If you share material from a blog post or web page, please provide an attribution/link to the original source.


International Distribution


We welcome inquiries from foreign companies interested in acting as distributors for Critical Reader books outside the United States.

Please send us a description of your company along with a brief (1-3 page) proposal including market size, territories covered, and marketing plans.