SAT/ACT Idiom List

Be curious about
Be particular about
Bring about Complain about
Set (ab)out
Think about
Wonder about
Worry about

Known as/to be
Recognized as
Serve as
Translate as

Accompanied by
Amazed by
Assisted by
Awed by
Confused by
Encouraged by
Followed by
Impressed by
Obscured by
Outraged by
Perplexed by
Puzzled by
Shocked by
Stunned by
Surprised by

Celebrated for
Compensate for
Criticize for
Endure for
Famous for
Known for

Last for
Look (out) for
Named for/after
Necessary for
Prized for
Recognized for
Responsible for
Strive for
Wait for
Watch for

Across from
Apparent from
Defend from/against
Differ(ent) from
Protect from/against
Refrain from

In itself

Adept in/at
Confident in
Engage in/with
Firm in Interested in
Involved in
Succeed in/at
Take pride in

Enter into
Insight into

A native of
Appreciation of
Aware of
Characteristic of
Command of
Composed of
Consist of
Convinced of
Devoid of
(Dis)approve of
Family of

In recognition of
In the hope(s) of
(In)capable of
Knowledge of
Mastery of

Offer of
Principles of
Proponent of
Source of
Suspicious of
Take advantage of
Typical of
Understanding of
Use of

Based on
Confer on
Depend on
Draw (up)on
Dwell on
Focus on
Insist on
Reflect on
Rely on

Control over
Power over

Central to
Critical to
Devoted to
Explain to
Exposed to
In contrast to
Listen to
Native to
Point to
Prefer x to y
Recommend x to y
Relate to

Similar to
Threat(en) to
Unique to

Biased toward
Tendency toward

Take up

Contrast with
Correlate with
Identify with
(In)consistent with
(Pre)occupied with
Sympathize with
(Un)familiar with