Answers: Definite and Indefinite Articles

Passage 1

Over the last few decades, technology has revolutionized (1) the way people learn. (2) The introduction of calculators, tablets, Smart Boards, video cameras, and computers has had (3) a profound impact on students’ experiences in (4) the* classroom.

*Note: in the classroom is a fixed phrase; it is a synonym for in school.


Passage 2

Many of (1) the technologies that helped create (2) the modern world may become (3) a serious danger to us in (4) the near future. For (5) the past century, increasing levels of CO2 within (6) the atmosphere have caused (7) a consistent rise in temperatures across (8) the globe.


Passage 3

In recent decades, obesity rates have increased dramatically worldwide. As a result, politicians in (1) a few cities have suggested implementing (2) a small tax on sugary drinks and snacks.
(3) The fee would target highly processed foods and beverages that have been shown to cause harm to (4) an individual’s health. In addition, (5) a warning label would be placed on (6) the packaging of these items, describing (7) the potential consequences of consuming them.


Passage 4 

People often view (1) the  creation of art as (2) a leisure activity rather than (3) an essential part of people’s lives. As a result, classes involving (4) the arts are often targeted for elimination when budget cuts are made. I believe that this is (5) a serious mistake: exposure to the visual arts, theater, and music provides many benefits to (6) [no article] students and should be considered (7) a necessary aspect of their education.


Passage 5

Until the Industrial Revolution, which occurred in the middle of (1) the eighteenth century, [no article] few people lived in urban areas. In (2) the early 1900s, for example, there were only 12 cities in the world with more than (3) a million inhabitants. Today, (4) the majority of the global population resides in (5) an urban location. Moreover, (6) the number of cities with more than one million residents has doubled many times during (7) the last hundred years.


Passage 6

Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in (1) the development of (2) the economy as it is among (3) the most significant contributors to innovation and product improvement. It is also (4) an important ingredient in (4) thecreation of community-based employment. By investing in projects, participating in various networks, and contributing to local charities, (5) [no article] startup companies can help promote (6) [no article]robust economic development.