IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary





For both Academic and General Training.

Based on an analysis of dozens of real student essays and covering General as well as Academic Training, IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary is a practical guide designed to systematically target the most challenging aspects of grammar for IELTS candidates, particularly those aiming to score Band 7 or above in Writing.

At every point, the book emphasizes contemporary usage and discusses nuances rarely addressed in traditional language classes, with the aim of helping candidates both improve their accuracy and move from “textbook” English to a more natural style of communication.

Topics include:


• Articles
• Major tenses and their uses
• Vocabulary for common IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 essay topics (GT & AT)
• Common idioms and collocations
• Use of linking devices
• Formal vs. informal language


Hundreds of example sentences based on IELTS-style statements demonstrate how to apply each concept to the exam.

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Please note: This guide does not currently include exercises. A workbook is forthcoming, most likely in 2022.


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