Articles for IELTS Reading Practice


The articles below are taken from a variety of English-language media and reflect the type of content tested in the Reading portion of the IELTS. They also involve many common Task 2 Writing topics.


A Neglected Protein-Rich Superfood 

A Therapeutic Beat 

Airports are Embracing Facial Recognition Software: Should We Be Worried? 

Are There Enough Remote Jobs for Everyone Who Wants One? 

Chile’s Desert Town Built on Mummies

Could Ants, Termites, and Fishes Make Humans Better Farmers? 

Harvard Study: Just 1 to 2 Days in Office Per Week Is Most Effective

Have a Green Flight!

Have We Detected Dark Energy? Scientists Say It’s a Possibility 

Hidden in Plain Sight (Machine learning, bots, and fake news)

Modern Zoos Are Not Worth the Cost

One Heart-Stopping Moment

1 Trillion Trees Are Great—Except When They’re Not 

Phage Therapy Boosts Fight Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Protected Areas Don’t Always Benefit Wildlife

Plants May Help Make Your Surroundings Quieter

Researchers Use Music to Make Protein Songs More Pleasant to Listen to 

Scientists See “Puzzling” Features Deep in Earth’s Interior

Spain’s Ingenious Water Mazes

Spiders’ Web Secrets Unraveled 

The Far-Reaching Benefits of Tiger Sharks 

How Driverless Cars Will Change Our World 

Rechargeable Molten Salt Battery

Sun King

The Magical Miniature World of Terrariums

The E-Sports Generation

The Fruit that Once Fed Mastodons

The Humble Battery Could Be the Key to Solving the Climate Emergency

The Smoke and Mirrors of Unlimited Paid Time Off

The Secret Accent Bias

The Shocking Gap in Our Knowledge of Deep-Sea Life 

The Sky-High Cost of Returning to the Office 

Tracking Driftwood

We Are Democratising the Right to Laziness’: the Rise of On-Demand Grocery Deliveries

We Need a Radical Approach to Address the Sustainability of Food Production

When Did Humans Domesticate the Horse? 

Why Diamonds Are a Geologists’s Best Friend

Why Scientists are Turning Molecules into Music

World Population Exposed to Deadly City Heat