At the beginning of the summer, after I did my series of posts for tutors who have unexpectedly found themselves working with struggling high-school readers trying to prepare for college admissions tests, I started putting together a presentation for a webinar to address the major issues at play and demonstrate some of the exercises that can be used to help remediate such students.

Alas, my summer and the beginning of my fall got hijacked by my IELTS books, followed in rapid succession by necessary updates to my GMAT, ACT English, and ACT Reading books (followed by the IELTS again).

I’m happy to announce, however, that I finally seem to be back on track and am planning to record the webinar in the next week or so, and then people can access it at their convenience. I’m also doing my best to put together an accompanying materials pack that includes all the exercises covered.

The program employs some materials aligned with the ACT because that’s the exam on which reading-speed problems stemming from decoding issues tend to manifest themselves most clearly; however, the exercises can be used with students prepping for the SAT or any other standardized test, or even just general reading.

For those of you who read my earlier posts on this topic, some of the introductory material will be a bit familiar, but the video format also allows me to go through the exercises in a way that hasn’t really been possible in writing. I thank everyone for their patience and will make more details available as soon as I have them.