Quizzes: ACT/New SAT Drill 1

For each of the following questions, select the best version of the underlined portion of the sentence.

1. Researchers from the Erikson Institute have developed a program, it is designed to teach

math skills by focusing on concepts such as measurement and size.

2. Although doctors must increasingly depend on computers more frequently, they can also

use such devices to help patients in new and unforeseen ways.

3. Because they were considered the most noble of beasts, the lion was adopted as the

symbol of the city of Venice.

4. Twins are famous for inventing their own ways of communicating with one another.

Therefore, linguists are uncertain whether such kinds of expression are full developed


5. Umbriel, one of the moons of Uranus, appears to have been shaped primarily by collisions

with comets and is notable for it’s exceptional dark surface.

6. Before the establishment of a national postal system, the fastest form of long-distance

communication available to residents of Western states were the Pony Express.

7. No longer seen as idle scratches, some researchers are beginning to view ancient graffiti

as a window into a world that vanished thousands of years ago.

8. Humans and animals share similar abilities to create memories and learn from experience.

Only humans, however, have proven themselves capable of understanding that others can

have thoughts different from their own.

9. Science fiction writer, H.G. Wells, the author of more than 100 books accurately predicted

the invention of television, the rise of the Internet, and the creation of the hydrogen bomb.

10. The enthusiasm that Thomas Jefferson had displayed at the beginning of the Revolutionary

War began to diminish as he realized that the conflict will not be resolved in a matter of months.