Quizzes: GMAT Sentence Corrections 2

Each of the following questions presents a sentence, all or part of which is underlined. Beneath the sentence you will find five ways of phrasing the underlined part. The first of these repeats the original; the other four are different. If you think the original is best, choose the first answer; otherwise choose one of the others.

These questions test correctness and effectiveness of expression. In choosing your answer, follow the requirements of standard written English; that is, pay attention to grammar, choice of words, and sentence construction. Choose the answer that produces the most effective sentence; this answer should be clear and exact, without awkwardness, ambiguity, redundancy, or grammatical error.

1) When Ellen Sirleaf Johnson delivered her high school graduation speech in 1972, she initiated a political career that would eventually span more than four decades, making her one of the most powerful women in Africa.

2) Although the port city of Bristol was once home to a thriving maritime trade, its economy has in more recent years depended on the creative media, electronics, and aerospace industries.

3) Beginning in Great Britain and spreading across Western Europe over the course of the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution was a period where new manufacturing techniques transformed social and economic conditions.

4) Mars, which was originally named after the Roman god of war, has been nicknamed the red planet because the iron oxide molecules prevalent on its surface gives them a reddish appearance.

5) Peroymyscus maniculatus, more commonly known as the deer mouse, is a small and versatile rodent that can thrive in virtually any environment that is the most populous mammal inhabiting the North American continent.

6) Although the landscape designs of Frederick Law Olmsted are more renowned in comparison to Andrew Downing, Downing is considered by many scholars to be the founder of landscape architecture in the United States.

7) While microscopes sometimes used to distinguish poisonous mushroom species apart from their innocuous counterparts, identification by sight remains a more common method.

8) The technology used in many modern theatrical productions was invented during the Baroque era, when multimedia elements were initially introduced into live theatrical performances for the first time.

9) If the controversial labor reform bill is passed and approved by the national assembly, employers are granted more leeway in negotiating changes to workers' schedules.

10) The questions about justice that motivate Plato's Republic are posed in a series of dialogues that continue among various interlocutors at length but never giving rise to a fixed doctrine.