Quizzes: Pronouns 1

Each of the following sentences contains a blank that must be filled with a pronoun. Identify the noun to which the pronoun refers, and then select the correctly written version of the pronoun.
1. The toothed whale has a larynx that extends all the way into the nasal passage, allowing it to open its mouth while hunting yet avoid inhaling water into __________ airway.

2. To combat traffic problems in ancient Rome, Julius Caesar banned vehicles from the city center at certain times and forced drivers to stow __________ on the periphery.

3. Adult locusts are powerful fliers that travel great distances and consume nearly all of the plant material wherever __________ swarms settle.

4. Venus is believed to have contained Earth-like oceans at some point in __________ history, but they evaporated as the temperature rose.

5. Cashews are considered an integral part of Indian cuisine because __________ used whole for garnishing sweets or ground into a paste that forms a base for many different types of sauce.

6. Philosophers have long pondered the connection between metaphor and thought, sometimes doing __________ in ways that foreshadowed contemporary research.

7. Because people tend to favor information that confirms their preconceptions, __________ evidence selectively and interpret it in a biased manner.

8. The red-necked wallabee is a mostly solitary creature, but __________ will gather together when there is an abundance of resources such as food, water or shelter.

9. Because they contains crystal oscillators and external sensors, electronic watches are much more accurate timekeepers than __________ mechanical counterparts are.

10. Architect Frank Gehry's private residence has become a tourist attraction because the house's groundbreaking architecture makes __________ one of the most important works of contemporary architecture.