Sentence Correction #4


Senator Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin, who in 1924 ran for President of the United States as the nominee of his own Progressive Party, is best remembered as a proponent of social reforms and vocally opposing railroad trusts


(A) vocally opposing railroad trusts
(B) vocally being opposed to railroad trusts
(C) his vocal opposition to railroad trusts
(D) being a vocal foe of railroad trusts
(E) a vocal foe of railroad trusts



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Answer: E
Parallel Structure

The sentence states that Robert LaFollette is best remembered as two things: a proponent of social reforms and _________. The conjunction and indicates that the construction of the two items must be parallel – that is, they must appear in the same format. The non-underlined item contains a noun (a proponent), so the underlined item must begin this way as well (a vocal foe). Based on that information alone, (E) is the only possible answer.