The Critical Reader



Intended to demystify what is often considered the most challenging section of the SAT in a straightforward, logical manner, The Critical Reader includes:

  • A list of 300 top words, a roots list, and a “second meanings” list, along with 75 practice sentence completions.
  • A complete chapter devoted to each type of question followed by extensive exercises designed to reinforce the skills and concepts presented.
  • Strategies for understanding difficult passages, locating important information, and identifying correct and incorrect answers more quickly and confidently.

To allow students to apply the strategies and techniques outlined in this book to College Board material while focusing on the specific areas in which they need to improve, this book also includes a list of all the Critical Reading questions in the Official College Board Guide, 2nd Edition (2009), grouped both by category and by test.

It is also recommended that students use this book in conjunction with They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing.


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