“GRE Vocabulary in Practice” is now available on Amazon

“GRE Vocabulary in Practice” is now available on Amazon

At long (long, long) last, GRE Vocabulary in Practice is available for purchase on Amazon

The book does have lists of words and definitions, but the focus is on application rather than memorization. While there are obviously many traditional GRE vocabulary books/apps out there, this is the only one designed entirely to help you make the leap from the words to the test. Learning definitions is not the same thing as learning to work through Text Completions and Sentence Equivalences!  (more…)

Why a vocab app isn’t enough if you want to ace GRE verbal

A couple of times in the past few months, I’ve had chance conversations with people who were either preparing for the GRE or had recently taken it. 

Inevitably, the subject turned to preparation for the verbal section, and both times, the GRE-taker in question lit up when they mentioned using an app to study vocabulary. As one of them enthused, “it’s like a game! You get to compete against other users and everything.” 

I admit that my familiarity with GRE vocab apps is limited, but when I had the first of these conversations, my immediate inclination was to double-check that the student knew that the GRE had changed a few years back — that the vocabulary section was no longer based on straight-up synonym and antonym questions but was rather focused on testing words in the context of sentences and short passages.  (more…)