I just want to express my gratitude for your incredible SAT books. I went from a 580 to a 770!!! I would never ever in my whole life have gotten my 1570 if it were’t for you. Thank you for saving my life!!!!!!!!!!

-M.Y., Student

Thank you for your books! Today I got back my PSAT results to find out I got well above the expected national merit for my state. Sophomore year I got a 1190 on the PSAT. This year I got a 1450. Furthermore I went from 9 wrong on English & 13 wrong on reading to none wrong on English and 3 wrong on reading. Your book helped tons! Thanks again.

-D., Student

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing guides you have offered to the students who will be taking the SAT in the future. The books are well worth the cost and are very helpful! I’m finally confident on my reading and grammar abilities because of your great guides! THANK YOU!!’

I.T., Student

 During the summer, I bought all 3 of your sat prep books on grammar and critical reading. Before my October SAT, I thoroughly finished all 3. Before, my critical reading section was my weakest section, as well as my grammar. Surprisingly on my SAT, I scored a perfect score on my critical reading section! My weakest section became my strongest section, I believe because I used your prep books. I would just like to thank you for writing these books and I have been recommending them nonstop ever since!

N.C., Student

So the new SAT has just begun to be a factor for our students. We have been using Erica Meltzer’s other books with our students for over three years, and we have LOVED their practical and thoughtful approach. My tutoring center serves students at all points of their academic lives, and many of our materials are self-developed, or drawn from the Precision Teaching community. However when it comes to helping students achieve excellence in these high stakes college entry exams, NOTHING beats Erica’s series of books.

We have used Erica’s materials previously, but now, especially with the “new” SAT, they are essential. Without her work on the New SAT the test would be almost impossible to decode–now we have a fabulous tool that can help our students succeed. We now rely on her new “Complete Guide” for most of our work for this test. I want to also mention that her website, […], provides a wealth of information and perspective on the entire process of test preparation. We urge our students (and their parents) to become familiar with her work there as well.

-Richard McManus, The Fluency Factory, Cohasset, MA