Quizzes: Verb Tense 1

Each sentence contains a bolded pair of verbs. Using the context of the sentence, select the option that presents the verb in the correct tense.
1. Native to South America, the cashew plant was brought by the Portuguese to India around 1560 and (spread/has spread) east into Asia and south into Africa during the seventeenth century.

2. The Russian Tea Room (is/has been) known as a gathering place for actors, musicians, and other members of the entertainment industry since it opened in 1927.

3. During the late 1950s, Frank Sinatra frequently criticized rock and roll because he (finds/found) its rhythms and attitudes alien to his musical sensibility.

4. The Manesse Codex, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful illuminated manuscripts ever produced, (became/had become a key source of Medieval poetry after it was completed in the mid-fourteenth century.

5. Modern conceptions of the Vikings as either violent brutes or intrepid adventurers owe much to the Viking myths that (predominated/have predominated) since the early years of the twentieth century.

6. The chemical processing plant, which suffered serious damage in last year's earthquake, was recently reported to have (sprang/sprung) a leak.

7. Michael Phelps (became/has become) the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time when he won his twenty-second medal in 2012.

8. Many of the tales written by Aesop, who lived during the sixth century B.C., (are/were) characterized by animals and inanimate objects that speak, solve problems, and have other human characteristics.

9. From its beginnings in the 1920s until its demise more than sixty years later, Bell Laboratories (was/has been) among the world's most innovative scientific organizations.

10. In the last twenty years, microbiologists (discover/have discovered) that very primitive organisms can survive by deriving energy from the rocks in which they live.