What People are Saying

Please don’t waste your money on Kaplan or Princeton Review (or similar big name publishers). Those books are full of gimmicky techniques that don’t actually work! I run a tutoring business (Kay Tutoring, www.kaytutoring.com), and Erica’s books comprise our complete curriculum for SAT prep (we also use her books for ACT prep). Although I think the book works best when interpreted by a tutor (obviously I am biased as that is how we use these books), a motivated student could do this on his or her own, or a parent could just as easily do this with his or her child. I sometimes worry that if everyone bought all of Erica’s product there’d be no need for tutoring 🙂 I still remember my reaction when I first came across Erica’s first book: WHERE HAS THIS BOOK BEEN ALL MY LIFE!

-Andrea Kay, Kay Tutoring

So the new SAT has just begun to be a factor for our students. We have been using Erica Meltzer’s other books with our students for over three years, and we have LOVED their practical and thoughtful approach. My tutoring center serves students at all points of their academic lives, and many of our materials are self-developed, or drawn from the Precision Teaching community. However when it comes to helping students achieve excellence in these high stakes college entry exams, NOTHING beats Erica’s series of books.

-Richard McManus, The Fluency Factory

I am so happy to report that I got a 800 on the writing section for the January SAT. Working through your book was probably the best decision I made concerning this test. On the PSAT (sophomore year), I scored a 480 on the writing section and 1770 as a total score. In January, my final score was a 2380 :). I hope you continue your great work and continue to guide other students with the new SAT. THANK YOU!!!

-A.M., Student

I just wanted to say thank you for your book “The complete guide to act english.” My old high school didn’t teach grammar so I didn’t know what to do when english was my lowest score on my practice act. I saw that your book had good reviews so I bought it and read it cover to cover. I have not missed a single english question since i read your book! I took the september and october tests and got a 36 for english on both of them! I could not have done it without your book. Thank you so much for making this possible for me.

-P.S., Student 

My son got his October scores back.  He got 760 in Writing and 660 in CR.

One year ago on his October PSAT, he got 530 Writing and 490 CR.  This past year has been a very difficult one for him.  He couldn’t understand how to do the CR (and never broke 600) and he couldn’t break 700 in writing.  But thanks to you (the critical reader, sentence completion workbook, SAT grammar workbook), he broke those barriers.

-W.K., Parent

I’m a senior who took the last ACT today.

I was struggling for a long time because I couldn’t finish every section in a given time

Plus since I am an international student who came here 3 years ago, reading fast might have been harder for me than most of the students.

As I was looking for good review book, I saw a lot of people are recommending your books!

First I doubted if I would fix my problem as I use this book

But your book was amazing!!!!!!!! although I didn’t meet you in person, I  can finish every section in a given time right now.

-S.K., Student