Digital SAT® Reading and Writing Test Book 

Test 1, Module 1, question 19 (p. 18): There should not be a comma after the blank in the passage (creates a duplicated comma in the correct answer). Corrected on 4/24/24.



SAT® Vocabulary: A New Approach, 2nd Edition

p. 11, aesthetic – the definition should read, “related to the study or appreciation of beauty”



The Ultimate Guide to SAT® Grammar, 6th Edition (Beta) 

p. 34, question 3: the correct answer is (C). (Corrected 2/1/23)

p. 79, question 11: choice (C) should read as follows: named—its head tapers to a point, making it look as if someone 

p. 79, question 12: choice (C) should read as follows: butterflies; all of which 

p. 111, question 5: choice (D) should read as follows: hymns, mantras and, chants.



The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT® Reading, 4th Edition

p. 294, 298. In questions 2, 3, and 4, the names of the authors should be switched. You can download the corrected pages here and here



The Complete Guide to ACT® English, 4th Edition

p. 18, The mice’s whiskers = The whiskers of the mice. (Corrected in books printed after 5/29/20)

p. 93, question 9.3. The correct answer is C, not B. (Corrected in books printed after 7/30/20)


The Complete Guide to ACT® English, 3rd Edition

“Trick” Noun as Adjective Before a Name: bottom of p. 55 should read, “A comma before a name indicates that the name is not essential to the meaning of the sentence.”

p. 36, question 5.2: F

Modification Drill, question 1.2, p. 134: F

Parallel Structure Drill, question 1.3, p. 138: D

Parallel Structure Drill, question 2.4, p. 139: G should read “to form”



The Complete Guide to ACT® Reading 

Practice Test 1, question 31: C

p. 99, question at the bottom of the page should read, “What does Passage A talk about that Passage B doesn’t?”



The Complete GMAT® Sentence Correction Guide

P. 13: click here for updated version. 



GRE® Vocabulary in Practice

p. 38, question 5: answers are A, F



IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary 

p. 84, 3rd degree conditional, right hand column should be labeled “Past Conditional”. 

p. 88, chart of modal verbs at the top of the page should not include ought.