If you attempted attempted to visit this website during the past week-and-half (2/5 through 2/14/24), you are undoubtedly aware that it was inaccessible. Although I’ve posted a note on Facebook regarding the situation and have been sending periodic updates to mailing-list subscribers, I am aware that the information has not reached everyone. So to explain: what occurred was the result of an unforeseeably complex and unusual situation, but the good news is that the problem has now been resolved and there should be no further issues. The short version is that thecriticalreader.com domain expired at the end of January, and I when I went to renew it, I discovered that I had been locked out of my account. Extended attempts to reset my login credentials were unsuccessful, and ultimately I needed to confirm my identity to regain access, a process that took several days. It then took another full week for the domain to be transferred back to me, during which time the site could not be activated. The domain has now been renewed for nine years (the longest period possible), with additional protection, and it should now remain continuously active.

Regarding the Question of the Day: Explanations could not be posted during the days the site was down (they were sent out to subscribers, along with the questions), but they have now been added to the relevant page.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during what has been a very stressful couple of weeks.