Who vs. whom (who is switched only with which)

Which vs. that

“Neither…nor” with subject-verb agreement using plural nouns (e.g. “Neither book nor the pencil is on the table” is tested; “Neither book nor the pencils are on the table” is not)

Among vs. between

Much vs. many

Fewer vs. less

Further vs. farther

Its vs. it’s

Their vs. they’re vs. there

Who’s vs. whose

May vs. might

A lot vs. alot

Pronoun case with comparisons (“She is a better soccer player than I” vs. “She is a better soccer player than me”)

Subject verb agreement with “none” (“None of us know vs. None of us knows”)

Colons (very, very occasionally, a correct answer will contain a colon, but they’re not explicitly tested)


Apostrophes (plural vs. possessive)

And punctuation errors are virtually never tested on the Error-Identification section! Very rarely a comma splice will occur, but questions like that are rare exceptions.