If you’re studying for the GRE® and want to learn some words for which ETS has, shall we say, traditionally shown a strong predilection (i.e., proclivity, penchant, propensity, bent), the Critical Reader is now offering a Word of the Day email program.

One email with a top word, a GRE-level example sentence, and a list of must-know synonyms/antonyms, every day, direct to your inbox, plus periodic quizzes, every day for 100 days.

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As I’ve written about recently, focusing exclusively on dictionary definitions as a study technique does have its limits, but I also recognize that sometimes there’s just no other way to learn words. So I’m aiming to balance the straight-up definition component with additional GRE-specific information that isn’t covered on standard word lists. As always, my goal is to teach the content of the test while emphasizing the most likely ways in which that content will be tested.

If you’re already using the Magoosh vocabulary app, you might be wondering what the benefit of this program is. Well, it has a few things the Magoosh app doesn’t.

First, it focuses exclusively on high-frequency hard words and second meanings. The Magoosh app does not cover many of these terms of until the very highest level; if you don’t finish the entire program, you won’t see these words. And ETS really likes to test some of them.

Second, for every word provided, this program also includes a list of high-frequency synonyms and antonyms. The goal is to get you to think in terms of groups of words rather than focusing on individual terms. The ability to think about GRE words in terms one another rather than in terms of their much simpler definitions is invaluable, particularly for Sentence Equivalences; if you can spot synonym pairs upfront, you can often jump right to the answer.

Third, every term is illustrated with a GRE-level example. You will see these words used in the same types of sentences you’ll see on the GRE. Some of them are very challenging, and that’s the point.

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