Then apparently you’re not alone. 

I was under the impression that all PSAT scores had been finally released on 1/7, at least until I happened to check Mercedes Schneider’s blog. Apparently, some students are still unable to access their scores (or at least they were as of 1/9).

According to one Pennsylvania parent Schneider cites:  

As of today, more than 24 hours after the scores were supposedly released yesterday, we are still unable to see them. I have been advised by a school counselor that this is also happening to [several other] top ranked [Pennsylvania] high schools. There may be many others here and around the country, because when parents/students call the College Board to complain, the PSAT help line (866-433-7728) is so profoundly overloaded that a recorded message comes on advising to try to call again tomorrow or after going through a series of prompts hangs up or puts people into an endless cue. I just reached an agent after holding for nearly an hour. The agent looked into my teen’s account and confirmed that no October 2015 scores have been released and that access codes for …many high schools have not been delivered. She offered to “escalate” my concern to another department, which she said would respond in 5-7 business days, which is outrageous.

If this is widespread, College Board is in deep crisis. If it is just [our area in our state], then our students are being placed at a disadvantage compared to other students in terms of preparation for the March SAT. In any case, College Board has demanded that it hold the key to the futures of millions of children, but it is increasingly showing that is unworthy of such a great trust and responsibility.

You can read the entire post here.