For those of you looking for a condensed version of key things to know for the Sentence Correction portion of the GMAT, I’ve posted  a Cheat Sheet in the GMAT study guide.

20 simple tips to help keep you focused on the most important information and spot right/wrong answer more quickly and easily.

I’ve also posted a few additional articles in the GMAT section recently.

Parallel structure with “that” (a frequently overlooked favorite GMAT concept)
An in-depth discussion of how to use “which” along with a separate article simplifying “which vs. that”
And the ever-popular burning question of when to use “because” vs. “due to”

Please note that I’m trying to keep my blog free to discuss larger issues surrounding test prep, so I’m planning to start adding more technical (grammar) articles directly to their relevant Study Guides.

I’m also planning to add a section for general (non-standardized test) grammar tips. So far I’ve just put up a guide to comma usage, but there will be more to come… If there’s anything you’ve just been itching to ask about, please feel leave a comment, and I’ll try to address it.