While going through all of my quizzes to make some edits/updates, I noticed that while there were an awful lot of grammar exercises, I was sorely lacking in the reading quizzes department — and that was really a major oversight (oops!) since for a lot of students, that’s the hardest part of the test. So I’ve decided to remedy the issue.

I now have one quiz with mixed question types (literal comprehension, inference, function) as well as one devoted to vocabulary in context.

I’ll do my best to add one or two more before I get sucked back into the vortex of SAT book revisions. (And in case you’re wondering, no, I still don’t have exact release dates for the new editions; I’ll post them when I do. I promise.)

I’m also in the process of adding PDF versions of my grammar exercises, in case anyone would prefer to do them on paper or use them in a class.

Finally, please note that the main quiz page address has changed: https://thecriticalreader.com/exercises/ is now https://thecriticalreader.com/quizzes/