The Complete Guide to ACT® English, 4th Edition


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The Complete Guide to ACT® English

The Complete Guide to ACT® English is the only book that offers a comprehensive review of all the grammar and rhetoric topics tested on the ACT. This updated edition includes more than 350 detailed new explanations for end-of-chapter exercises.


  • Step-by-step explanations that familiarize you with errors in every form, from the most straightforward to the most complex.
  • Dozens of ACT-style exercises that help you move from understanding rules to applying them in the context of a passage.
  • Cumulative reviews that allow you to practice managing a progressively wider range of concepts in a single passage.
  • A complete index of English questions from The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2019-2020, grouped both by topic and by test.

Ideal for high school students with little previous grammar study as well as those who need to focus on the most challenging grammar and rhetoric concepts.

Note: if you have the 2nd Edition, you can click here to download the question lists (sorted by category and test) based on the 2016-17 Official Guide.

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