I stumbled across this little priceless little ditty left by SomeDAM Poet in the comments sections of this post on Diane Ravitch’s blog and felt compelled to repost it: 

“Don’t drink the Colemanade”

Stop! Don’t drink the Colemanade!
The Coleman Core that Coleman made
What Coleman aided has culminated
In public schools calumniated

And to that I would add my own poetic two cents:  

The Colemanade that Coleman made
Has percolated unallayed     
In classrooms Coleman has created
His Standards march on, unabated 
Now Coleman’s Core and Coleman’s aid
Do flow to schools now desiccated 
The urgency  must be conveyed 
to clean the mess that Coleman made.

In all seriousness, though, anyone who’s even the least bit concerned about Common Core should read Diane’s postAnd Lyndsey Layton’s article. And Mercedes Schneider’s book (both of them, actually).

I cannot overstate the importance of what these people have to say about public education in the United States right now.