For those of you who absolutely can’t wait a few more weeks to get started studying for the new exam, I am planning to make (unproofed pre-publication copies of The Ultimate Guide to SAT® Grammar, 3rd Ed. available for purchase through CreateSpace sometime this week for a reduced price of $19.95. If you’d prefer to wait a few weeks for the final, proofed version, I’m hoping to make it available on Amazon in early July.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of all of the grammar and rhetoric topics tested on the redesigned test, as well as numerous exercises designed to hep students apply individual concepts to test-style questions.

At just over 250 pages, it is somewhat longer than the previous editions (partly because of the inclusion of more test-style questions) but still concise enough to be manageable.

As in the previous editions, the book includes two complete indices of College Board questions (full-length SATs recently posted on Khan Academy): one organizing concepts by category, and one organizing them by test. These tests will also be included in the forthcoming Official College Board Guide.

I will post notification as soon as the book is available for purchase.

Note: Because the new SAT Writing section is so similar to the ACT English test, there is some overlap between this book and The Complete Guide to ACT English. That said, all of the material is tailored to the specifics of the new SAT.

I am doing my best to finish revising The Critical Reader by the end of this month. I am hoping to make pre-publication copies available sometime in early-mid July, with the goal of having the book on Amazon by the end of that month.

The Ultimate Guide to SAT® Grammar Workbook, 3rd ed., will most likely be available in the late summer or early fall, although I am considering making individual tests available as they are completed.