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How many abysmal fails has College Board committed/experienced in the past 18 months?

The test (June 2015) with a misprint on the last sections about how much time students had that led to uneven test administrations across the country.

Disruptions in sending October (or was it November) scores to colleges because they started using their new system for score distribution – for the old test scores – before most admissions office had shifted over to that system (because this was still the old test format).

Multiple breeches of security in different parts of Asia during multiple administrations (don’t we now expect to read about those breeches after every test administration?)

Making a testing site re-administer the test because CB lost / couldn’t find the student answer sheets. (This item barely made the news: )

Yet several states are replacing the state high school exams (PARCC or other) with the College Board’s SAT.  Here is a report from Connecticut about the results of using a college admissions test as the state-wide test for high school:

Maybe it is because I wasn’t paying as close attention back then, but it seems as if these sorts of debacles are occurring with alarming regularity in the Coleman ‘Redesign Era’ of the SAT.

Anyone care to add to the list?