Announcement: I realize this is coming on the late side (long story involving proofreaders, How to Write for Class, and the Random House permissions office), but I am planning to release updated editions of my SAT reading and grammar books, as well as my ACT English book. 

Now, before you get your knickers all in twist over which editions to buy, here’s what you need to know: 


  • If you already have the current editions, you do not—I repeat DO NOT—need to purchase the new ones as well. (So please, please do not bombard my assistant with emails asking whether you should get them.) If you’re taking a test in October or later and aren’t in a huge rush to start prepping, you might want to wait. Although there are enough changes to require new edition numbers in order to avoid confusion, the vast majority of the content will remain the same, and important new material will be made available through my website. 


  • The SAT books should be available sometime during the first week of September, and the ACT book should be available somewhere around 9/15-9/20. Exact release dates TBA. 


  • The new books will all be aligned with the 2020 SAT & ACT official guides. If you have my current editions but are working with the most recent official guide, I will make available a download of the indexed questions from the new OGs. (This might take me a few additional weeks to get to.)


  • SAT Reading: significant updates are restricted primarily to one chapter (“The Big Picture”), plus a couple of new passages scattered throughout.


  • SAT Grammar & ACT English: I will be adding detailed explanations for all of the end-of-chapter exercises. You asked for it, you got it. (In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything recently, it’s because I was busy writing everything.) If you have the current editions, the explanations will be made available for a small fee on this site. Otherwise, the chapters will remain pretty much the same. 


More information to come.