We are very happy that the SAT Reading and Writing guides for the new digital SAT have received such an enthusiastic response, and we understand that the March exam is coming up very soon; however, if you have ordered the books, or if you plan to order them, we ask you to keep a few things in mind regarding shipping and tracking.

  • As these are preliminary versions that were just released, we do not yet have a stock at our US-based warehouse or at our Korean distributor.
  • All books are currently being printed and shipped via Amazon/KDP. It can take up to 10 days for the books to print, and shipping times will vary based on location and shipping service. Unfortunately, Amazon printing times can vary dramatically, and there was no way to predict this delay in advance.
  • We are unable to ship the books faster at this time.
  • We will send you any tracking information we receive from Amazon as soon as it is updated.
  • If you live in certain countries, including India, you will be required to send a photo of your ID as per customs regulations. If we do not receive your ID within 48 hours of it being requested, we unfortunately will not be able to process your order (it will be canceled and refunded to original form of payment).

Please note that having the books printed and distributed this way is the only way we can keep prices within an affordable range while accommodating all customers. Using an alternate printer and shipper could easily push costs above $100 or, in certain regions, even $200 USD per order.

We thank you for your understanding.

Also, if you ordered a book immediately after the beta versions were released, please note that several updates for the grammar have been added to the Errata page (the file has since been updated, so this does not affect current printings). Corrections are extremely minor, primarily involving duplicated answer choices, and do not affect any correct answers.