I am very happy to announce some new book releases.

First, the e-book editions of The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 6th Edition, and The Critical Reader, 5th Edition, are now available on Amazon Kindle.

Fortunately, the condensed format of the passages on the digital exam has eliminated the copyright and reprint issues that prevented earlier editions of the reading book from being digitized, and so the updated versions of both books can finally be released electronically. (Much thanks to Lorie DeWorken of Mind the Margins for doing such a careful job with the manuscripts and for putting up with my endless delays.)

That said, I still strongly encourage use of the print books. Although the test itself may be administered digitally, the physical act of writing answers down and marking passages up is often an integral part of the learning process, and one that is very hard to replicate electronically. However, if you live in a region where the print editions cannot be delivered easily, you will be able to access the books without having to worry about lengthy shipping delays or customs forms.

Second, the dSAT Reading & Writing Test Book is now available on Amazon as well. It’s print-only for now, but I hope to have it digitized as well in the near future (although they will not be adaptive, unlike the real test). This is a completely new book consisting of three full-length dSAT Reading/Writing exams, each with 54 questions divided into two modules of 27 questions. It also includes detailed explanations designed to reinforce the categories and concepts covered in the main reading and grammar books.

As for vocabulary, Larry Krieger and I are hard at work on a new dSAT edition of SAT Vocabulary: A New Approach and hope to have it ready sometime in the next month or so. Over the coming months, I will also be updating the Question of the Day to include questions geared toward the dSAT.