Students on College Confidential are again reporting that they received recycled exams, but this time for the ACT. The entirety of the June 2016 test was originally administered in February 2015.

A colleague of mine has also confirmed that Form 72F was administered on both dates.

Apparently, there was a recent five-year period during which the ACT consistently recycled tests, but then the practice was halted. Obviously, it’s now been revived.

Granted this doesn’t quite match the College Board’s decision to repeat the same test only three months apart, but still… Inevitably, some students will end up taking the same test twice (according to College Confidential, that is exactly what happened).

In other news, the ACT also cancelled the June exam in both Seoul and Hong Kong because of concerns about leaked tests.

One would think, given the ire the College Board has drawn for repeating the March exam in June, that it might occur to the good folks over at ACT, Inc. that reusing a test so soon probably isn’t the brightest idea. 

Do they seriously think no one will notice? And in the age of the Internet, do they seriously think word won’t get out?

Or do they simply neglect to give the matter any thought at all? 

Either way, the incompetence boggles the mind.