IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary (PDF ebook; Beta Version)




IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary is not a traditional grammar book but rather a practical guide designed to systematically target the areas of greatest difficulty for ESL students aiming to score in Band 7 or above (based on an analysis of more than 100 sample essays by IELTS candidates).

At every point, the book emphasizes contemporary usage favored by native speakers and discusses nuances rarely addressed in traditional language classes.

Topics include:


  • Articles
  • Major tenses and their uses
  • Formal vs. informal vocabulary
  • Vocabulary for common IELTS Task 2 essay-topic categories
  • High-frequency preposition-based collocations
  • Use of transitional words and phrases (linking devices)


In addition, all example sentences are based on the types of statements typically used in the IELTS Writing (and occasionally) Speaking tests.

And please note: If you are applying to college in the United States and are planning to take the TOEFL®, most of the material is applicable to that exam as well.

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