For those of you who are looking for some bite-sized test daily practice, some good news: I’ve decided to revive my Question of the Day. Every morning, I’ll post a new verbal question along with an explanation.

For logistical reasons, I’m going to have to tilt toward the grammar side for now, but I will be posting reading as well as grammar questions. Most of the questions will SAT®/ACT®-style, but I will probably throw in some more advanced items (AP® English, GRE® or GMAT®) from time to time, just to keep people on their toes;)

Rest assured, however, that whatever test you’re taking, the material will be relevant in some form.

Eventually (soon, I hope!), I’m planning to add a subscription so that people can get the question delivered daily, but I still need to figure some things out from the tech side first.

If anyone has particular types of questions they’d like to see, please feel free to send a message with your suggestions.

Also: If any of you subscribers are wondering why you haven’t been getting new blog posts, it’s because I’m planning to send them newsletter-style, along with a few other articles related to test prep and the college/grad school admissions process, every week or two. For signup, just see the sidebar.